Positioning Cushion - Cylinder Cushion

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Positioning cushions allow you to effectively and rapidly secure postures so as to reduce the pressure placed on body skin and tissues that are vulnerable to pressure sores. Positioning aids perfectly adapt to all morphologies thanks to the micro balls or fibres used. Waterproof and breathable cover. 

Prevention of ulcers in the trochanter area. Reducing pressure on trochanter, the lateral positioning cushion promotes a 30 degree side lying position which is recommended position in order to reduce pressure. 

The cushion is made from a PU cover and polystyrene micro balls(max 1mm diameter) or silicone fibres. Plenty of uses are possible and you can use several cushions to reach the desired position. 

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 165cm
  • Diameter: 35cm
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Waterproof and breathable cover
  • Material: Fibres


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