Grab Rails

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Grab Rails

Phelan's Pharmacy offers a premium selection of grab rails, specifically engineered to ensure safety, stability, and improved mobility. Our grab rails offer an effective solution for individuals seeking additional assistance around the home, particularly the elderly and those with mobility issues. Explore and shop our top-quality grab rails selection both in-store and online

What is the purpose of a bathroom grab rail?

A bathroom grab rail, like our Chrome Bathroom Grab Bars or Suction Cup Bath Rail, is a safety device designed to provide additional support and balance in the bathroom, thereby assisting individuals in safely navigating potentially hazardous areas such as showers, baths, and toilets.

What are the benefits of bathroom grab rails?

Our bathroom grab rails enhance stability during various activities, reducing the risk of falls. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, these affordable and user-friendly bars can be installed where you need them most.

Who are the typical users of grab rails?

Grab rails are used by individuals who require additional support around the home, including the elderly, people with mobility issues, those recovering from surgery, or anyone needing extra stability. Our Home Care Bed Rail and Universal Standard Bed Rail are perfect bedroom aids, while our Outdoor Grab Bar can provide assistance outside the home.

Can you install grab bars in an existing shower?

Yes, grab bars can be installed in an existing shower. However, for safety reasons, it's essential to ensure they are securely attached to the wall. You could consider products like the Suction Cup Bath Railfor an easy-to-install solution.

Where do grab bars go in a shower?

Grab bars in a shower are usually placed on the three walls of the shower enclosure. Products like the Bath Tub Handleor the Profilo Grab Bars can be installed based on the user's height and specific needs.

Where should grab rails be positioned in the bathroom?

Grab rails should be positioned where extra support is needed. For example, near the bathtub, our Bath Tub Handle can provide additional stability when getting in and out of the tub.

Are grab rails available in different sizes?

At Phelan's Pharmacy, we offer grab rails in a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs and spaces. Products like our Profilo Grab Bars come in various lengths for your convenience.

Can a grab rail be folded away when not in use?

Yes, we have options such as our Fold Away Handrail that provide support when needed and can conveniently fold back against the wall when not in use.

Are there grab rails that attach directly to the bath?

Yes, we have options like our Bath Tub Handle which attaches directly to the bath, providing extra support when getting in and out of the tub.

How should I go about installing grab bars?

For utmost safety, grab bars should be screwed to the wall, ensuring there's sufficient structural support at the installation point. If no wall studs are present, a hardwood or plywood backing can provide a solid base for the bar. Professional installation is recommended for those with mobility challenges.

How do you install a grab bar without drilling?

Some grab bars, like suction cup models, can be installed without drilling. These are typically not as strong as drilled models and are recommended for light support only.

Are suction cup grab bars safe?

Suction cup grab bars can provide light support and may be suitable for those who need balance assistance. However, they should never be relied on for full weight support, and aren't recommended for those who need substantial support, in which case a screw in grab bar would be preferable. It’s important that they are inspected and the suction indicator is showing as safe before each use. 

What should I consider when buying grab bars?

When purchasing grab bars, consider the user's needs, the bar's material, the location and method of installation, and the design of the bar for hand comfort and grip.

Do grab bars help reduce falls?

Yes, grab bars can significantly reduce the risk of falls in areas of the home where balance may be compromised, such as in the bathroom or near stairs.

AtPhelan's Pharmacy, we believe in providing you with safety solutions that make a real difference in your life. Explore our diverse selection of grab rails today.