24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

How does a 24 hour blood pressure monitor work?

A member of the Phelans pharmacy team, in the privacy of the consultation room, will fit the light weight 24 hour monitor to your waist which will be attached to a cuff on your arm.

The device will measure your blood pressure at random points throughout the day including while you sleep. You can still continue with your regular day to day activities and it is unlikely that the monitor will wake you while you sleep.

When you return to the pharmacy the next day, the pharmacist will check your results. They will refer you to your GP if necessary. They will also answer any questions you have and give you tips and advice on how to manage your blood pressure.

Where can I avail of the service and how much does it cost?

Our 24 hour blood pressure monitoring service is available in selected stores.  Please contact Phelans Carrigaline  (021) 4371600 for full details and availability in your area.