Iconic Premium 4-Motor Riser Recliner €2,695.00
Breydon Oak Fireside Chair €495.00
Ambassador Kilburn Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair from €1,985.00
Avon Kilburn Light Oak Fireside Chair €595.00
Medina Cord Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair €1,560.00
Orwell Kilburn Oak Fireside Chair €595.00
Oakham Adjustable Chair with Moulded Arms from €310.00


Mobility Chairs


Phelan's Pharmacy offers a diverse range of mobility chairs and orthopaedic chairs in Ireland, designed to improve the quality of life for the elderly and individuals with mobility issues. Our selection includes featured products such as theIconic Quad-Motor Riser Recliner and theOakham High Backed Adjustable Chair. Experience comfort and enhanced mobility with our wide range of riser recliners and mobility furniture, purposefully designed to minimize strain and difficulty. Please note that delivery costs may vary due to the weight of some furniture items. Refer to our delivery information page for more details.

What Makes Mobility Chairs Essential?

Mobility chairs, like the Iconic Quad-Motor Riser Recliner and theMedina Dual Motor Riser Recliner, are specially designed to provide comfort and aid mobility for individuals with limited mobility. These chairs offer greater independence, enabling users to rise or recline at the touch of a button.

How Much Do Quality Mobility Chairs Typically Cost?

The cost of a mobility chair can vary based on its features and the brand. At Phelan's Pharmacy, we offer a wide range of options to suit different budgets, from the affordableBreydon Oak Fireside Chair to the premiumIconic Quad Motor Riser Recliner Chair.

How Do Recliners Benefit Seniors?

Recliners such as theScotty II Dual Motor Lift Chair and theMedina Kilburn Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair provide enhanced comfort and support for seniors. These chairs can aid in sitting and standing, reduce pressure on joints, and reduce the risk of pressure sores

How Long Do Mobility Chairs Last?

The longevity of a mobility chair depends on its quality and how well it is maintained. Premium chairs like theIconic Quad-Motor Riser Recliner and theAmbassador Dual Motor Riser Recliner have 5+ year warranties on their motors and electric components and are designed for durability and can serve you for many years with proper care.

What Features to Consider When Buying a Mobility Chair? 

When purchasing a mobility chair, consider the user's specific needs, the chair's features (such as a dual or quad motor), the fabric, colour, height, comfort, and the brand's reputation for quality. Phelan's Pharmacy offers a wide range of chairs, including theOrwell Kilburn Oak Fireside Chair and theOakham High Backed Orthopedic Chair. Consider speaking to one of our expert occupational therapists who can advise you on the correct chair for your needs.

What Are the Types of Chairs Best Suited for Limited Mobility?

For individuals with limited mobility, dual motor riser recliners like theAmbassador Dual Motor Therapy Riser Chair,Medina Kilburn Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair, and orthopedic chairs for the elderly like theAvon High Backed Orthopedic Chair can be excellent choices. These chairs offer increased comfort, lumbar support, and ease of movement.

Riser Recliners for Enhanced Independence

Phelan's Pharmacy offers mobility solutions such as our riser recliners, including theIconic Quad-Motor Riser Recliner and theScotty II Dual Motor Lift Chair. Ideal for those with limited mobility and elderly individuals, these chairs foster independence by allowing one to recline or rise at the touch of a button.

Dual Motor Recliners for Customized Comfort

Our dual motor riser recliner chairs in Ireland such as theAmbassador Kilburn Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair and theMedina Cord Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair are designed to meet the needs of those seeking extra support, comfort, and adjustability. Particularly beneficial for the elderly and those with mobility issues, these chairs provide individualized control of the backrest and leg rest, enabling a truly personalized comfort seating experience.

What is the Best Chair for an Elderly Person with Back Problems?

Orthopedic chairs like theOakham High Backed Orthopedic Chair are designed to provide enhanced support for the back, making them an excellent choice for elderly individuals with back issues.

How Do Lift Chairs Differ from Regular Recliner Chairs?

While a standard recliner chair allows you to recline back, a lift chair such as theAmbassador Kilburn Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair includes a mechanism that helps lift the entire chair from its base, with an electrically operated rising function to help you onto your feet.

AtPhelan's Pharmacy, we're dedicated to enhancing your daily living with our comprehensive selection of mobility chairs. Explore our range of riser recliners, single motor, and dual motor chairs today. Enjoy the comfort, independence, and peace of mind that our premium mobility chairs bring.Contact us today and invest in your mobility and overall well-being with Phelan's Pharmacy.