Dictus Splint €92.00
Dictus Splint Rubber Band Pair €8.50
Exercise Band €9.75
Female Hipshield €84.43
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Gel Therapy Balls for Rehabilitation €6.35
Hand Exercise Putty / Theraputty €11.80
Neo G Upper Abdominal Hernia Support €35.00
PharmaCare Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m €9.95
Rainbow Hand Exercisers €24.00
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Resistance Band/Theraband €5.00
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Rehabilitation is a crucial part of the healing process after an injury, surgery, or illness. Whether you're undergoing rehabilitation in a clinical setting or working on your recovery at home, having the right rehabilitation equipment and aids can make a significant difference in your journey towards improved health and well-being

Types of Rehabilitation Equipment:

  • Mobility Aids: As highlighted on our site, products likewalking sticks and frames support individuals in regaining their mobility and confidence. These aids are especially important for those in urban areas like Cork and Dublin, where navigating busy streets is a part of daily life.
  • Exercise Equipment: Resistance bands, andrehab gel balls are rehabilitation aids that help strengthen weakened muscles and improve joint flexibility. They are fundamental tools in the recovery process.
  • Daily Living Aids: Living aids likestandard reachers, andlong handled combs can make a world of difference in performing daily tasks with ease during recovery.

Benefits of Using Rehabilitation Equipment

Utilising appropriate rehabilitation equipment is essential for a successful recovery. Here are some notable benefits of incorporating these tools into your rehabilitation routine:

Muscle Strength Recovery

Equipment likeresistance bands/therabands andCanDo TheraPutty is important in helping individuals regain muscle strength. They facilitate targeted exercises, promoting a good recovery of muscle function.

Improved Mobility

Mobility aids includingrollators and wheelchairs, are essential for individuals aspiring to regain their independence. Our outlets in Cork and Dublin provide a well-curated range of these aids, ensuring individuals have the necessary support to move around with confidence.

Improved Balance and Coordination

Balance trainers and stability balls are valuable in improving balance and coordination, which are critical aspects of physical rehabilitation. With consistent use, these aids contribute to improved core strength and overall stability.

Choosing the Right Rehabilitation Equipment

Given the vast selection of available rehabilitation equipment and aids, especially in regions like Cork and Dublin, here's a guide to help you navigate our diverse range.

1. Nature of Injury or Condition 

Every condition requires specific equipment. Before exploring Phelans Pharmacy's extensive collection, it's crucial to understand your exact needs. Consulting with a healthcare professional can give clarity on which products from our range will benefit you the most.

2.Level of Support Needed

Our rehabilitation equipment caters to various stages of recovery. Whether you're in Cork, Dublin, or another part of Ireland, it's essential to identify the level of support you need. This ensures you select the right tools from Phelans Pharmacy that align with your current recovery phase.

3.Comfort & Usability 

With the vast array of rehabilitation equipment at Phelans Pharmacy, prioritising comfort is key. It's important to choose equipment that not only suits your needs but is also comfortable and easy to use, ensuring you benefit from it regularly.

4. Professional Guidance

While Phelans Pharmacy offers a wide selection, it's always recommended to seek advice from trained healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists or occupational therapists. Their insights, combined with our product range, will ensure you make an informed choice tailored to your recovery journey.

Explore the range of rehabilitation equipment in Ireland at Phelan's Pharmacy, and take a step towards a more comfortable and efficient recovery journey. Our staff is here to guide you in making informed choices to suit your rehabilitation needs. Visit us in-store in Cork or Dublin, or browse our collection online today.