Daily Living Aids


Daily living aids are specially designed tools that make day-to-day tasks easier and more accessible for individuals. They encompass a variety of products tailored to assist with essential activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, maintaining hygiene, mobility, sleeping, and self-feeding. These aids play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life, especially for those with disabilities or the elderly.

Types of Daily Living Aids

Personal Care and Safety Aids

Maintaining personal hygiene and ensuring safety are essential aspects of daily living. Our range of personal care and safety aids includes dressing aids such as dressing sticks for individuals who may have difficulty with dressing independently. Bathroom aids such as shower chairs, grab bars, raised toilet seats, and bathing aids contribute to a safe bathing experience. For the added safety of those with cognitive difficulties, we offer motion sensors and pagers designed to provide peace of mind for both you and your loved one.

Household and Daily Activity Aids

Completing everyday tasks and engaging in household activities is made easier with our selection of household and daily activity aids. Kitchen aids such as weighted tablespoons and one handed can openers enable individuals with limited mobility to independently participate in mealtimes and meal preparation. Cleaning and maintenance aids, such as reachers, grabbers and gardening aids, make it possible to handle everyday chores with minimal strain. Tables, trays, and positioning aids are also available to assist with various activities throughout the house.

3 Benefits of Daily Living Aids for Everyday Tasks

In our fast-paced world, every individual deserves the opportunity to live an independent and fulfilling life. Daily living aids, especially designed for the elderly and those with specific health concerns, play a pivotal role in achieving this. Here's a deeper look at their benefits:

1.Promote Independence

With aids for daily living, people, whether elderly or disabled, can enjoy a greater level of independence. From simple tools that help in feeding to aids specifically designed for turning a key or plug, these gadgets are often a lifesaver. They enable users to accomplish tasks they'd usually need assistance for, fostering a sense of self-reliance.

2.Enhance Safety and Prevent Accidents

Accidents in the home can come when you least expect them. This is where living aids designed for safety come into play. Grab bars, anti-slip mats, and bed exit alarms are just a few in our wide range of aids for daily living designed to prevent falls and accidents. Many of these aids, like those for pulling out a plug or holding onto objects, are ideal for those with arthritis or diminished grip strength. By using these aids, tasks become not only easier but also safer.

3. Alleviate Physical Strain on Caregivers

Caregivers play a crucial role in assisting the elderly or those with specific health needs. Daily living aids are designed to make their jobs a tad bit easier. With tools that help in feeding, dressing, and even transferring patients, caregivers can focus on providing quality care without being overwhelmed.

Using Daily Living Aids Effectively

Below, we delve into the best practices associated with the use of daily living aids.

Proper Instruction and Training

  • Knowledge is Power: Before diving into the use of any daily living aids, it's important to get proper instruction. Whether it's a car transport aid or a simple kitchen aid, understanding its functionalities and limits is essential. Usage information is available on phelans.ie or give our expert a team a call with any questions.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection of Living Aids

  • Routine Checks: Regularly inspect your living aids for any signs of wear and tear. This ensures not only their longevity but also your safety.

Ensuring Comfort and Fit

  • Personalised Fit: It's crucial that any aid, be it for mobility or personal care, fits you perfectly. A poorly fitted aid can cause discomfort or even exacerbate health issues.
  • Adjustments Over Time: As our bodies change over time, our aids might need adjustments. Don't hesitate to get them resized or recalibrated.
  • Feedback is Essential: Listen to your body. If a particular aid causes discomfort or seems ineffective, consult with healthcare experts to ensure it's the right fit for you.

At Phelans Pharmacy, we understand the transformative impact that daily living aids can have on one's life. Let us help you reclaim your independence and enrich your daily routines. Visit Phelans Pharmacy today and take the first step towards a more independent life.