Wound Cleansing Gel

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PharmaCare Wound Cleansing Gel is a wound irrigation solution for cleansing, rinsing and moisturizing of wounds, and helping to prevent biofilm. It is an easy to use spray hydrogel formulation which is an electrolyzed oxidizing water solution known as hypochlorous acid that is dermatologically tested. It is also used in the management of minor skin abrasions, minor cuts, minor burns and intact skin.

Each bottle of PharmaCare Wound Cleansing Gel contains:

  • 0.016% Hypochlorous Acid
  • Excipients: Ionised Water, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Magnesium Fluorosilicate Gel, Monosodium Phosphate


The PharmaCare Wound Cleansing Gel is used for:
• Cleansing and debriding of the wound and preventing infections
• Management of minor skin abrasions, minor lacerations, minor irritations, minor cuts, minor burns and intact skin
• Wound irrigation solution
• To irrigate and moisten
• Sore, irritated skin
• Prevention of biofilm
• Moistening the wound dressing and moisturising the wound itself as well as for loosening crusted dressings
• Flushing of irritants associated with wound malodour


Dosage and method for use:
• Please read the instruction leaflet supplied before use
• Apply PharmaCare Wound Cleansing Gel to the affected area to rinse the wound, thereby removing any foreign bodies
• Apply as required for optimal modification of the wound environment
• For best effect, allow to dry naturally
• For topical use only


• Store the PharmaCare Wound Cleansing Gel at room temperature maximum 25°C away from direct heat and sunlight
• Do not store below 4°C
• Do not transfer into another container
• Recap after each application
• Keep out of reach of children

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