Mobility Aids Collection

iD Comfy Junior Pants from €11.50
iD Expert Slip for Moderate to Heavy Incontinence from €8.30
iD Expert Form for Light to Heavy Incontinence from €8.10
iD Pants for Moderate - Heavy Incontinence from €11.70
Large Incontinence Bed Sheets €15.40
Sold Out
Dictus Splint Rubber Band Pair €8.50
Back Friend - Back Support from €100.00
Dictus Splint €92.00
Resistance Band/Theraband €5.00
Sold Out

Mobility Aids

At Phelans, we understand how vital mobility aids are to you. Living life to the fullest with comfort is our goal. That's why we offer a wide range of carefully selected daily living aids, mobility products, and household essentials to help overcome mobility challenges. 

Our mobility department is packed full of hundreds of high-quality products from top international suppliers, and we're committed to providing you with expert service and advice on all of our mobility aids.

Quality Mobility Aids for Independence

At Phelan's Pharmacy, we're passionate about your mobility and independence. Our mobility department is your trusted source for high-quality mobility aids from top international suppliers. Whether you need mobility aids for the elderly or versatile mobility walking aids, we have products designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Your Trusted Supplier of Mobility Aids in Ireland

We serve customers all across Ireland, including Dublin and Cork, with our extensive selection of mobility aids. Our array includes products for various needs, from safety-enhancing  bathroom accessories to convenience-oriented  bedroom daily living aids.

Navigate Mobility Challenges with our Mobility Aids

We're committed to helping you overcome your mobility challenges. That's why we offer a comprehensive assortment of disability aids alongside our mobility equipment, ensuring comfort and independence for individuals with diverse physical requirements.

Don't wait to regain your independence. Browse our comprehensive range today and take the first step towards a more accessible and comfortable life. If you need any additional information, don't hesitate to  reach out to us, or feel free to visit your nearest  Phelan's Pharmacy location.