Tripod Rubber Ferrule 19mm

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This 3-point support tip allows the walking stick to remain vertical in most situations. It is manufactured in black rubber and measures 19 mm. It is reinforced with a metal washer inside the base, which prevents the walking stick / cane tube from damaging or perforating its interior. Its large base gives more security and stability. The diameter of the base is 12 cm.

The tip is one of the most important elements of the walking stick. It provides more grip on the ground, making its use safer, avoiding falls and other types of incidents, and providing greater balance. With the ferrules, better support is achieved, thus ensuring that the walking stick performs its corresponding function, being a safe and effective point of support. In addition, the ferrules also prevent the noise that the cane could produce when coming into contact with the ground.

It is advisable to check the tip periodically, since it is the part of the walking stick that suffers the most wear. If the walking stick is used frequently, the base of the tip wears out and loses grip. At this point, it is advisable to change the tip so as not to lose security in the support. Likewise, you must take into account whether the neck of the ferrule has cracks and the rigidity of the material with which it is made, since if it is very rigid it can slip.

Also it is advisable to check if there is any clearance between the tip and the tube of the cane, as the tip could come off and cause a fall.

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