Sterile Eye Pad Dressing

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The Sterile Oval Eye Pad from Reliance Medical is a low adherent sterile eye pad that can be applied easily. Size: 6cm x 8cm.


The Sterile Oval Eye Pad can be used to protect the eye until a medical professional can examine it. It can also ensure that no other particles, such as dirt get into the eye while on the way to the hospital or waiting for medical help.


  • Before performing any eye procedure, you must make sure that hands are washed thoroughly
  • Position the injured person with the head supported
  • Ensure good lighting and always explain what you are doing
  • Place the Reliance Sterile Eye Pad lightly over the eye
  • Secure with a bandage Ensure that the Sterile Eye Pad is not applied too tightly, and too much pressure being put on the eye socket is avoided

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