Sterile Adhesive Wound Dressing

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Pharmacare Sterile Adhesive Wound Dressing is a soft comfortable dressing with a thick, absorbent, non-adhering wound pad at the centre. When it is removed, it does not tear the wound apart as the centre of the dressing (pad) is not sticky. The non-woven material is also stretchable so that the entire wound area can be covered.


Pharmacare Sterile Adhesive Wound Dressings are used to cover and protect wounds from outside contamination.


  • Take a Sterile Adhesive Dressing from the box and remove the packaging.
  • Grip both overlapping release films, exposing the adhesive surface allowing the initial fixation of the dressing.
  • Position the dressing on the skin without stretching, and gently remove the rest of the release papers.
  • Firmly smooth the adhesive border to obtain proper adhesion.
  • Do not stretch the dressing when applying.