Salin Plus Salt Therapy Air Purifier

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Salin Plus Salt Therapy Air Purifier

Salin Plus Air Purifier is a product that is revolutionary device that can be used at home. This salt therapy product is highly recommend to those who are suffering from conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, sinusitis, sleep apnea, tuberculosis and many other respiratory and allergy conditions. Salin Plus Salt Therapy helps those with breathing difficulties to breath better by using a new to market unique method of advanced air treatment. Many suffering from breathing difficulties will be aware of Salt Therapy practices; Salin Plus Salt Therapy enables you to experience that therapy from the comfort of your own home.

  • Compact structure, which consists of a unique filter, made from microcrystalline sediment
  • No corrosive effect on the surrounding environment that the machine treats
  • Easy to use item
  • Includes a bellowing mechanism
  • Treatment area of max.150 cubic meters (approx. 55 sg meters) ideal for a bedroom or living room

Recommended for:

✚ Asthma ✚ COPD
✚ Bronchitis ✚ Sleep Apnea
✚ Snoring ✚ Sinusitis
✚ Ear Infections ✚ Post Nasal Drip
✚ Cystic Fibrosis ✚ Allergies/Hayfever
✚ Cold & Flu ✚ Pneumonia

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