Rossmax X5 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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The Rossmax Parr Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is a blood pressure monitor that tracks Arrhythmia Detection (ARR), Atrial Fibrillation Detection (AFib) and Premature Contraction Detection (PC). It has cuff detection, movement detection and hypertension risk indication. The Rossmax Parr Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor can give an average of the last 3 readings and has 7-day AM/PM averaging. It includes 120 memories for 2-users with date and time indications as well as having a guest mode. It has a large LCD size – 69 x 78mm, and it also has a latex-free patented universal cone cuff, and a cuff holder design for simple storage. 

Always read the instruction manual before use.

  • Dimensions: 96 (L) X 139.7 (W) X 63.2 (H)
  • Weight is 249.5g (G.W.) (w/o Batteries)
  • Arm circumference for an adult is24 – 40 cm (9.4” – 15.7”).
  • Includes
    • Batteries
    • Latex-Free Patented Universal Cone Cuff
    • Instruction Manual
    • Zipper Bag
    • AC Jack
    • USB Port