Rossmax Nebulizer Accessory Kit (N4)

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The Rossmax Nebulizer Accessories Pack is used to replace some of the nebulizer accessories for the Rossmax NB80 Home Nebulizer and is for single patient use. It contains:

  • Angled Mouthpiece
  • Nebulizer kit (N4)
  • Air Filters (5 pieces)
  • Air tube (210 cm)
  • Adult mask
  • Child Mask


The Rossmax Nebulizer Accessories Pack is intended for use to replace some of the nebulizer accessories for the Rossmax NB80 Home Nebulizer. This accessories pack can be used for up to 6 months.

Directions for Use:

• Clean the Rossmax Nebulizer Accessories Pack before use
• Gently twist and pull the lid of the nebulizer straight up and separate into two parts (medication cup and cover)
• Make sure that the nozzle is properly installed.
• Add the prescribed amount of medication to the medication cup
• Reassemble the nebulizer by carefully twisting the medication cup and cover together. Make sure that the two parts fit securely
• Carefully attach the end of the air tubing connector to the stem at the base of the nebulizer kit
• Attach the angled mouthpiece or mask to the nebulizer
• The nebulizer is operable at up to a 45˚ angle. If the angle is greater than 45˚, no aerosol will be generated
• The capacity of the medication cup is 5ml
• Always dispose of any remaining medication in the medication cup after each use. Use fresh medication each time you use your nebulizer kit

Changing the air filter:
• It is important to change the air filter approximately when the air filter turns grey
• It is recommended to change air filter every 2 months
• Remove the air filter cover by gently pulling forward
• Discard the grey filter
• Replace with a new, clean air filter
• Securely re-attach the air filter cover to the unit
• Air filters cannot be cleaned or washed
• Only NB80 air filters can be used
• Do not substitute alternate material such as cotton
• Do not operate without an air filter

Cleaning procedures:
• Please consult a medical professional prior to clean for using commercial disinfectants and appropriate cleaning methods
• Gently twist and pull up the cover of the nebulizer kit to open and separate.
• Rinse the nebulizer kit and components with hot tap water
• Dry with clean towels or completely air dry
• Reassemble the nebulizer kit

Disinfecting the Rossmax Nebulizer Accessories:
• Nebulizer parts may be boiled between 15 and 20 minutes after regular cleaning procedures
• After boiling, carefully remove the parts and leave them air dry in a well ventilated environment
• Do not use an autoclave, EOG gas disinfectant or low temperature plasma sterilizer to disinfect your nebulizer kit
• The nozzle is designed to nebulize medication. Please carefully follow the following precautions while in use
• Always wash the nozzle right after use
• Avoid using brushes as it may cause scrapes on the surface of the nozzle
• When disinfecting the parts by boiling, be sure to boil them with plenty of water
• Do not boil the nozzle together with other objects other than applicable nebulizer accessories

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