Reliance Dermatological Gloves 100% Cotton

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Reliance Dermatological Gloves 100% Cotton

The Dermatological Cotton Gloves are ambidextrous, reusable and washable with stitched fingers. They are made from 100% cotton and can be worn on either hand. These gloves are used mainly for light duty protection, assists in the absorption of moisturising lotions and there is 1 pair of gloves per pack. 


• Remove the Cotton Gloves from the packaging
• Ensure that the fingers are in the correct place
• Using the palm, pull the glove over the hand, easing the glove onto the hand
• Make sure your digits fill the fingers comfortably
• Repeat the process with the other hand
• Take the gloves off from the cuff – this ensures any contamination is then on the outside
• Roll the other glove over the removed glove, ensuring that there is no further contamination


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