Posiform Anti-Snoring Positioning Pillow

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Posiform Anti-Snoring Positioning Pillow

It is recognised by specialists that our sleeping positions can influence the intensity of snoring or sleep apnea. Side sleeping can help with better breathing and a better night sleep. POSIFORM is a visco-elastic, high quality memory foam pillow. It is manufactured with natural foam that provides great support.

The special shape encourages you not to sleep on your back but in a stable lateral and slightly tilted position. This promotes optimum breathing and teaches you to sleep on your side in an inclined position.

Dorsal position;

The dorsal position is when an individual sleeps on their back. This causes the tongue and lower jaw to obstruct airways.

Side sleeping;

Side sleeping allows for the tongue and lower jaw to relax forward and free airways.


It is delivered with a transport bag.

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