Pharmacare Washproof Plasters

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Pharmacare Washproof Plasters are ventilated washproof plasters that are soft and gentle on the skin. The low allergy adhesive means that these plasters are suitable for sensitive skin, and they are comfortable to wear. They are also flexible and stretch with movement. Pharmacare Washproof Plasters aid in the healing of wounds by protecting them, especially as they are washproof. The plasters come in a pack of 25. Size: 22mm x 72mm.


Pharmacare Washproof Plasters are used to aid in the healing of wounds by protecting them.


• Be sure to clean your hands before and after dressing a wound.
• Use Gloves, preferably.
• Clean the wound and the surrounding kin.
• Thoroughly dry the wound before applying the dressing.
• Monitor the wound and reapply the dressing if necessary.