Pharmacare Fabric Assorted Plasters

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Pharmacare Fabric Assorted Plasters are heavy duty fabric plasters with heavy adhesion. They are effective in protecting small cuts and grazes, provide a long lasting protection and are comfortable to wear. Pharmacare Fabric Assorted Plasters are flexible, and they stretch with movement. They come in assorted sizes to fit a number of different size wounds. The Fabric Assorted Plasters come in a pack of 25.


Pharmacare Fabric Assorted Plasters are used to provide long lasting protection of small cuts and grazes.


• Be sure to clean your hands before and after dressing a wound.
• Use Gloves, preferably.
• Clean the wound and the surrounding kin.
• Thoroughly dry the wound before applying the plaster.
• Monitor the wound and reapply the dressing if necessary.

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