Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops 10ml

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Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops 10ml

Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops are for the relief and treatment of allergic, red, watery, itchy and puffy eyes caused by hayfever, house mites and other particles e.g. pet hairs. Allergic eyes happen when allergens come into contact with sensitive eyes. When this happens, a number of chemicals are released from special cells in the covering of the eye making them itchy, red and watery. 

Directions for use:

Use 1 to 2 drops in each eye four times a day, or as directed by your doctor / pharmacist. Mealtimes can help you to remember, so apply at breakfast-time, lunchtime, teatime and before you go to bed.

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Use a mirror; this will help you to see what you are doing.
  3. Carefully dry your eyes using a tissue, and unscrew the cap from the bottle.
  4. Pull your lower eyelid down gently, and then carefully place 1 or 2 drops inside your lower eyelid.
  5. Close your eye and blink a few times to make sure your eye is covered by liquid.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other eye, then recap the bottle securely. 


  • Do not use these drops if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients listed below.
  • As with all medicines, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product if you are, or think you may be pregnant or you are breastfeeding.
  • As with all products containing benzalkonium chloride, soft contact lenses should not be worn whilst using this product.
  • Like all eye drops a temporary blurring of vision can occur after application. Wait until your vision is clear before driving or using machines.
  • If your eyes get worse or are no better after 2 days of using the eye drops, see your doctor or pharmacist.
  • If you suffer from allergic eyes for more than three months of the year, see your doctor even if Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops soothe your eyes. You should not use this product continuosly for more than three months without talking to your doctor first.
  • If you forget to use a dose of Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops, use it as soon as you remember and then go on as before.

After using your eye drops:

  • Some people find that their eyes sting or become irritated after using the drops. This should only last for a short time. If the stinging is severe or lasts for a long time, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. 
  • If you experience any other undesirable effects whilst using this medicine, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.  


10ml eye drops ( approximately 250 drops ) containing sodium cromoglycate 2.0% w/v ( active ingredient ). Other ingredients include benzalkonium chloride, disodium edetate, purified water. The active ingredient, sodium cromoglycate, belongs to a class of medicines known as anti-inflammatory/anti-allergy agents. 

Keep all medicines out the sight and reach of children.

Always consult the Patient Information Leaflet before using this medicine.

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