Omron Peak Flow Meter

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The Omron Peak Flow Meter is used to measure your “Peak Expiratory Flow Rate,” (PEFR) which is simply the highest speed you can blow air from your lungs. It helps you to track any changes in your air flow and allows you to check your PEFR discreetly any time you want. The device is used to assist detection of pending asthma attacks, and the dual flow range measures for both adults and children.

Your doctor may recommend the use a Peak Flow meter to monitor changes in your airflow. With recommending the use of a Peak Flow meter, your doctor will also give you a treatment plan that will tell you what action to take when you see changes in your peak flow readings.


The Omron Peak Flow Meter is used to monitor lung conditions such as asthma and enables a user-friendly therapy management for both the patient and their doctor. It measures the amount of air that patients can push through their bronchial tubes in a single rapid burst.


  • Please read all information in the instruction manual before using the Omron Peak Flow Meter. No matter what your peak flow meter indicates, if you have signs and symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, please contact your doctor.
  • Attach the appropriate size plastic mouthpiece to the input side of the peak flow meter, the side clearly marked with the arrow. Be sure to insert the wide end into the meter. Make sure the sliding indicator is at the bottom side of the scale.
  • Hold the peak flow meter so that your fingers do not block the outlet opening or prevent the sliding indicator from moving the full length of the scale. While standing, inhale as deeply as possible, then place your mouth firmly around the mouthpiece, making sure that your lips form a tight seal. The mouthpiece should be inserted past the teeth.
  • Blow out as hard and as fast as possible – a short sharp blast. This will cause the indicator to move up the scale. You do not have to expel all of the air in your lungs, the indicator will most likely not move after the first few seconds of the effort.
  • The final position of the indicator is our PEFR (peak expiratory flow rate); make note of this value. Repeat steps until you have completed three efforts correctly. Allow a minute or so between efforts to rest. The variation between the readings should not exceed 10%.
  • Record the highest of the three readings in your PEFR readings log. Compare the highest result with your personal best and calculate the percentage (divide the current highest PEFR by the personal best PEFR and multiply by 100). Check to see which zone you are currently in (green, yellow or red). Follow your doctor’s advice regarding your treatment for each zone (percentage of personal bets) – green (80% - 100%), yellow (50% - 80%), red (0-50%).
  • Your peak flow measurement will fall into one of three zones.
  • Green - Your peak flow rate is 80–100% of your personal best if it is at the green zone. Your asthma is under reasonably good control—continue your prescribed program of management.
  • Yellow - Your peak flow rate is 50–80% of your personal best if it is at the yellow zone. Your airways are narrowing, and you may be coughing or wheezing. Increasing your medication is recommended.
  • Red - Your peak flow rate is less than 50% of your personal best if it is at the red zone. This is an indication of a medical emergency. Take your rescue medications right away, review your asthma action plan and call your healthcare provider.

Always read the product information leaflet before use.

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