Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

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Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor that makes it easy to keep track of your hypertension at home. Omron’s unique Intelli Wrap Cuff takes away the hassle of cuff placement on the upper arm – giving accurate blood pressure measurements in any position around the upper arm. The cuff wrap guide and body movement detection indicators help you to avoid common mistakes that can cause inaccurate blood pressure readings.

The Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor can be used by two separate users plus a guest and can store up to 60 blood pressure readings per user. Once it’s taken your blood pressure reading the Omron M3 Comfort will display your heart rate and an indicator if it’s detected an irregular heartbeat or your blood pressure is above the recommended level – indicating hypertension. This blood pressure monitor also has 3 validations - Clinical Validation, Diabetic Validation and Pregnancy Validation..

The unit also stores up to 60 measurements in memory per user. The Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor comes with the main unit the Intelli wrap cuff size 22 – 42cm, batteries, an instruction manual and a storage bag.


The Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor helps to diagnose and monitor hypertension, can help detect your cardiovascular risk and provides a more complete picture of your heart health. This monitor measures your blood pressure level indicator, irregular heartbeat detection and stroke prevention, and also detects body movement.


  • Please read the instruction manual accompanied with the Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor before use.
  • Insert the batteries into the machine. Ensure that you are following all guidelines on how to correctly measure blood pressure, such as ensuring you are in a seated position, you are in a quiet place and you have not ate or exercised for at least 30 minutes before taking a measurement.
  • Fit the cuff onto the left or right arm, removing thick clothes such as sweaters before taking a reading. Insert the air plug into the air jack on the left side of the main unit. Apply the cuff to your upper arm so that the marker (arrow under tube) is centred on the middle of your inner arm and points down the inside of the arm. The air tube should run down the inside of your forearm and be in line with your middle finger.
  • Press the O/I START button to turn the unit on. The cuff starts to inflate automatically. Inflation stops and the measurement starts with deflating. As the cuff deflates, the heartbeat symbol flashes at every heartbeat. When the measurement is complete, the arm cuff completely deflates. Your blood pressure and pulse rate are displayed.
  • Check the measurement results. Wait 2-3 minutes before taking another blood pressure measurement. Waiting between readings allows the arteries to return to the condition prior to taking the blood pressure measurement. If your systolic or diastolic pressure is outside the standard range, the heartbeat symbol will blink when the measurement result is displayed. If the irregular heartbeat icon is shown frequently, please make your doctor aware of it. Remove the arm cuff, and press the O/I START button to turn the unit off.

Always read the product information leaflet before use.

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