Nurofen Children 6+ 200mg/5ml Oral Suspension

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Ibuprofen belongs to a group of medicines called Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). These medicines work by changing how the body responds to pain and high body temperature. This product has been specifically formulated for children as it is given by mouth to:

• Reduce fever

• Relieve symptoms of mild to moderate pain

Directions for use:

Child’s age (Weight)


Frequency* (In a 24 hour period)

6-9years (20-30kg)

5ml (one 5ml spoonful (large end))

3 times per day

9-12 years (30-40kg)

7.5ml (One 5ml spoonful (large end) and one 2.5ml spoonful (small end))

3 times per day

*Doses should be given approximately every 6 to 8 hours.

If your child’s symptoms persist for more than 3 days or your child experiences any other symptoms unrelated to the original condition, discontinue treatment immediately and consult your doctor.

Shake the bottle well before measuring the dose.

A two-ended measuring spoon (2.5ml and 5ml) is provided to ensure accuracy


Do not give Nurofen for Children to children who: 

  • are allergic to ibuprofen or other similar painkillers (NSAIDs) or to any of the other ingredients of this medicine (listed below) 
  • have ever suffered from shortness of breath, asthma, a runny nose, swelling on their face and/or hands or hives after using acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) or other similar painkillers (NSAIDs)
  • have ever had gastrointestinal bleeding or perforation, related to previous use of NSAIDs
  • currently have or have had recurrent stomach/duodenal ulcers (peptic ulcers) or bleeding (two or more episodes of proven ulceration or bleeding) 
  • have severe liver or severe kidney failure
  • have severe heart failure
  • have inherited problems coping with fructose/fruit sugar (see important information about the ingredients)
  • have bleeding of the brain (cerebrovascular bleeding) or other active bleeding
  • suffer from blood clotting disorders as ibuprofen may increase bleeding time
  • have unclarified blood-formation disturbances
  • have severe dehydration (caused by vomiting, diarrhoea or insufficient fluid intake)

If your child has any other medical conditions or is on medication for another medical condition, consult with your doctor or pharmacist before giving this medication.


The active substance is ibuprofen. Each 1 ml oral suspension contains 40 mg ibuprofen. Each 5 ml spoonful of oral suspension contains 200 mg ibuprofen, Each 2.5 ml spoonful of oral suspension contains 100 mg ibuprofen. The ibuprofen content is equivalent to 4.0% w/v.

The other ingredients are; citric acid monohydrate, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, saccharin sodium, polysorbate 80, domiphen bromide, maltitol liquid, glycerol, xanthan gum, strawberry flavour (containing propylene glycol) and purified water

Keep all medicines out the sight and reach of children.

Always consult the Patient Information Leaflet before using this medicine.

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