Nurofen 5% Gel

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Nurofen 5% Gel

Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief 5% Gel contains ibuprofen and belongs to a group of medicines called non-steroid anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s). These medicines reduce pain and inflammation, and bring down a high temperature. Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief 5% Gel is used to treat a number of painful conditions affecting the joints and muscles, such as backache, rheumatic and muscular pain, sprains, strains and sports injuries.

Directions for use:

Check the seal is intact before first use. Invert cap to break seal.

Nurofen Joint & Back Pain 5% Gel is for use on the skin only and should only be used on healthy, unbroken skin.

Do not:

  • use in the mouth or take it by mouth
  • use near cuts and grazes or under dressings such as plasters
  • use on the genital area
  • let the gel come into contact with your eyes. If it does, rinse thoroughly and consult a doctor.

Wash your hands after applying the gel, unless they are the site of treatment.

Adults and children 12 years and over:

  • Squeeze 4 to 10cm of gel from the tube and lightly rub onto the affected area until absorbed.
  • This dose should not be repeated more frequently than every four hours and no more than four times a day in any 24 hour period.
  • The amount of gel squeezed would be equivalent to 50 to 125mg of Ibuprofen.

Nurofen Joint & Back Pain 5% gel is not recommended for children under 12 years.

If symptoms persist for more than 7 days, or worsen at any time, consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Do not use Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief 5% Gel: 

  • if you are allergic to ibuprofen, aspirin or any of the other ingredients of this medicine (see below)
  • if you have had previous allergic reactions (e.g. asthma, runny nose, swelling, rash) when taking ibuprofen, aspirin or similar medicines
  • do not use on broken or damaged skin
  • in children under 12 years old.

Precautions when using this product:

Do not let the product come into contact with the eyes, mouth or lips.

Take care when using this product to protect the treated area from sunlight exposure. Do not smoke or go near naked flames - risk of severe burns. Fabric (clothing, bedding, dressings etc) that has been in contact with this product burns more easily and is a serious fire hazard. Washing clothing and bedding may reduce product build-up but not totally remove it.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief 5% Gel 

  • if you are taking aspirin or any other pain relieving medication 
  • if you are pregnant
  • if you suffer from ulcers, or have problems with your stomach
  • if you have asthma 
  • if you have liver or kidney problems.
  • Other medicines and Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief 5% Gel Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking, have recently taken or might take any other medicines.


The active substance is Ibuprofen.

The other ingredients are hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, purified water.

Keep all medicines out the sight and reach of children.

Always consult the Patient Information Leaflet before using this medicine.


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