Mepore Ultra Waterproof Dressing

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• Mepore Ultra Pack, is an absorbent shower-proof dressing for a wide variety of low to moderate exuding wounds including surgical wounds, cuts and grazes
• Has a shower-proof backing film but is air permeable
• Skin-friendly water-based, solvent free adhesive
• Gentle to skin - helps prevent trauma during dressing changes
• Provides gentle but secure fixation
• Dressing protects clothing and bedlinen from blood or exudate strike through
• Easy-to-remove & handle release film permits sterile application
1 Piece

Mepore surgical dressing is a sterile self-adhesive and absorbent dressing suitable for use on minor injuries and low to moderately exuding wounds such as cuts and grazes. This surgical dressing is made from an elastic non-woven material backed with a non-irritating latex free adhesive. The dressing does not adhere to the wound, which reduced any risk of damage during dressing removal. The absorbency of the wound pad ensures wounds are kept dry and clean from exudate. The Mepore dressing is very flexible, allowing for ease of application, especially on difficult areas like the hands, elbows and knees. Mepore Ultra is a waterproof version of the dressing. Surgical dressings serve several functions. They protect a wound, reducing the risk that infectious agents will enter and colonize the area. They also collect exudate, the material which seeps from the wound, which can be important from a sanitary and aesthetic perspective. Dressings can also be used to keep a mound moist and to promote healing. An adhesive surgical dressing is commonly used as a primary dressing for the management of acute wounds such as long surgical incisions, lacerations, abrasions and invasive lines.

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