Geratherm Finger Pulse Oximeter

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The Geratherm Pulse Oximeter is a portable, high accuracy device that has been clinically tested to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The unit has a simple one-button control that is easy to use, and it fits different finger sizes. It is ideal for clinical and rescue situations.

There are six perspective display views this oximeter, and screen brightness can be adjusted as needed. Supplied with a protective sleeve, this oximeter is compact, small, light-weight and portable The pulse rate is displayed as a histogram, and the unit can be used for up to thirty hours. The Geratherm Pulse Oximeter switches off automatically and comes with a storage bag and lanyard.


The Geratherm Pulse Oximeter is used for measuring oxygen saturation and pulse rate.


  • Before use, please read the instruction manual that accompanies the Geratherm Pulse Oximeter.
  • Install two AA batteries, then squeeze the device at the rear to open the front part to accommodate the finger. If your finger is in the oximeter, your nail must be facing up. After inserting the finger, release the rear section again.
  • Press the power switch at the front of the device once. While the Geratherm Pulse Oximeter is measuring, you should not move your finger. The display will read the measured value.
  • Press the power button for more than a second if you wish to adjust the brightness of the display. By holding the power button, the display gradually changes the brightness of the oximeter.
  • Healthy patients have an oxygen saturation of 96-98%. Values below 95% can show signs of disease and require medical treatment. Normal pulse rates depend on the age and fitness level of a person.

Always read product information leaflet before use.

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