Raised Toilet Seat

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Raised Toilet Seat

This rigid toilet seat raiser offers a simple solution to the elderly or disabled who have difficulty in sitting or getting up from the toilet. Fits most toilets and is fixed to the toilet with the screws on both sides. Toilet lifts are a widely used technical aid that offers great benefits. The risers supplement the height of the toilet by 5, 10, or 15 cm, helping to make standing up easier.

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Toilet Seat Raisers are recommended for those who suffer from knee or hip diseases (arthritis, osteoarthritis) or have undergone knee or hip surgery. By adding increased height, they lessen the stress placed on the joints of users when sitting or standing from the toilet.

To measure someone for a raised toilet seat, you will need to determine the length of the person's lower leg, as well as the height of their toilet bowl.

  1. Measure the person's lower leg length from the back of their knee to the floor (lower leg measurement)

  2. Measure the height of the toilet bowl from the lip of the bowl to the floor (not including the seat).

  3. Subtract the height of the toilet bowl from the person's lower leg length measurement.

  4. The result is the height of the raised toilet seat required - e.g. 5cm (~2") / 10cm (~4") / 15cm (~6")


    It is always recommended to seek professional help while measuring or choosing the correct raised toilet seat.

    For hygiene reasons there are no exchanges/returns for personal items such as - Commodes, Toilet seats and frames, Toileting Aids, bathing aids - such as bathing cushions, Underwear, Incontinence wear, gloves, compression stockings etc.

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