Exercise Peddler with Digital Screen

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Exercise Peddler with Digital Screen

This folding peddler with digital display allows for daily exercise and rehabilitation. It is very useful for people with joint or mobility problems.

Its unique design allows it to be used with either the hands or feet. The bottom bracket incorporates a digital screen that shows the duration of the physical exercise you are doing, the number of repetitions during each work session per minute, the number of total repetitions and the calories burned.

The bottom bracket legs are finished in rubber pieces that prevent it from moving during the exercise and, in addition, the pedalling resistance can be easily adjusted using the central screw.

  • Measurements: 46x39x30 cm
  • Product Weight: 2.5 Kg
  • Ideal for gentle exercise only and for those with mobility problems


* This product is designed for use while sitting. NEVER USE STANDING.

* Remember to maintain a proper back position and breathe properly. Exercise at your own pace and don't overload.

* Check with your doctor before undergoing exercise programs.

* Check that the bottom bracket is properly seated on a flat and sturdy surface. If necessary, place a rubber mat underneath to reduce the possibility of slipping.

* Make sure there is enough free space around (approx. 1 meter) when you go to do the exercise.

* Wear appropriate clothing and footwear to exercise, avoiding loose or wide clothing that can get caught while pedalling.

* Not a toy. Keep children away. 

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