Foil Blanket

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This Foil Blanket is a disposable, ultra-insulating emergency blanket with a heat-reflective metallic surface that will retain over 90% of body heat. As well as retaining most radiated body heat, it will also protect against wind and rain. It is also ideal for treating or preventing hypothermia. Size: 130cm x 210cm (unfolded).


The Foil Blanket is used to retain over 90% of body heat, while also helping to treat or prevent hypothermia.


For use as an Emergency blanket:

  • Remove the Foil Blanket from the packaging
  • Wrap the blanket around the person, tucking it in on the sides and under the feet in order to keep body heat in and cold out
  • Cover the person’s head with a hat or scarf to prevent further heat loss

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