Multipurpose Foam Grips

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Foam Grips are a great solution for those with weakened hand grip strength as it allows for thickened handles that are easier to hold. The product is available in one length of 12 cm, but also offers various inside measurements depending on the handle size of the object you need to thicken. They are perfect for pens, pencils, cutlery, or toothbrushes and can be used for both adults or children. 

Thanks to Foam Grips, you no longer need to struggle with holding onto objects due to weak grip strength, as they provide a secure grip and reduce the risk of slipping or dropping an item. It is a simple yet effective way of thickening handles and making independent living more possible.
  • Thicken the handle of a product
  • Facilitates a better grip
  • Fits around various products depending on the thickness

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