Epicondylitis Clasp

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Epicondylitis Clasp

Epicondylitis clasps help to relieve medial and lateral Epicondylitis.

What is Epicondylitis?

Epicondylitis is caused by the overuse of forearm muscles and affects the inner bone (Golfers Elbow) and the outer bone (Tennis Elbow).

What is an Epicondylitis clasp?

The clasp can help to provide relief on the tendons attached to the bone. The clasp is applied to the outer side of the arm with the main pad on the upper side of the forearm. It provides targeted compression to the long tendons of the forearm extensor and flexor muscles, holding the tendons parallel to support healing.

When to use an Epicondylitis clasp?

This brace is ideal for active individuals using their hands during work and sporting activities. 

Sizes available: XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL

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