Easy Reach Lotion Applicator

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Easy Reach Lotion Applicator

The Easy Reach Lotion Applicator is ideal to easily apply lotion to your back, which is a hard to reach area for most people.

It is also convenient for those who find it difficult to apply lotion to their back due to injury, discomfort or low mobility in the hands, arms, shoulders and back. If you experience psoriasis or eczema on your back, this is the perfect tool to apply your cream each day.

How to use

Simply unscrew the blue applicator lid, fill the reservoir with your chosen lotion, cream or oil, screw the lid back on and use. To apply the lotion, hold the applicator at the handle, lift and place it so the rolling beads are touching your back. Move the applicator in circles so that the rolling beads are dispensing the lotion and massaging your back. 


  • 19 rolling beads
  • Extra long handle for hard to reach areas
  • No mess
  • Massaging action

Fill with

  • Body lotion
  • Suntan lotion
  • Massage oils and more!

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