DryPro Leg Cast Protector

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DryPro Leg Cast Protector

DryPro Waterproof Leg Protector has a vacuum seal, providing a completely airtight fit. This ensures the protector will stay securely in place and your leg will remain 100% dry. This waterproof protector is made from durable, surgical grade rubber that will not rip or tear. It comes in many sizes for both kids and adults. 


  • Bathing
  • Showering
  • Swimming


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Keeps your cast, bandage or dressing dry
Leg Cast Cover Leg Circumference (cm) Leg Length (cm)
Small Half Leg (HL-13) 25 - 33 53
Large Half Leg (HL - 15) 33+ 60
X - Small Full Leg (FL-12) 19 - 28 48
Small Full Leg (FL-12) 35-41 74
Medium Full Leg (FL-16) 41-53 83
Large Full Leg (FL-18) 53+ 94

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