DryPro Arm Cast Cover

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DryPro Arm Cast Cover

Keep your cast covered and dry with the waterproof DryPro Arm Cast Cover. The patented vacuum seal ensures that no water gets in and your cast or bandage stays completely dry. It is available in different sizes for both kids and adults. Made with durable, surgical grade rubber, you can rest assured it will not rip or tear.


  • Bathing
  • Showering
  • Swimming
  • Enjoying your Summer holidays!


Arm Cast Cover Arm Circumference (cm) Arm Length (cm)
Small Half Arm (HA-13) 20-25 44
Large Half Arm (HA-15) 25+ 50
X Small Full Arm (FA-12) 15 - 17 40
Small Full Arm (FA-14) 17 - 22 58
Medium Full Arm (FA-16) 22 - 25 71
Large Full Arm (F1-18) 25+ 80

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