PharmaCare Alcohol Prep Pads

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PharmaCare Alcohol Prep Pads are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol has disinfectant properties that may decrease bacteria as well as cleansing the skin prior to receiving an injection. There are 100 Alcohol Prep Pads per pack. Wipe size: Medium 30 x 30mm, 2 ply. When opened, 60 x 30mm.


The PharmaCare Alcohol Prep Pads may be used for pre-injection site cleansing.


• Clean hands before use to prevent the spread of germs from hands to the wound
• Remove one of the PharmaCare Alcohol Prep Pads from the packaging
• Tear the sachet open, cleaning and disinfecting the area if needed
• Single use only – please do not re-use the Alcohol Prep Pads and discard after use



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