ClipAir Nasal Dilator

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ClipAir Nasal Dilator

The Clip Air Nasal Dilator is a comfortable and discrete clip that relieves snoring and nasal congestion. It fits easily into the nose and is made of biomedical elastic material for optimal and comfortable support.

The importance of breathing through your nose

Breathing through your nose is important to humidify, warm and filter the air we breathe.

Nasal dilator benefits;

  • reduces breathing effort
  • lowers heart rate of those who suffer from apnoea
  • reduces snoring
  • reduces throat drying
  • better sleep

Can also be used during sport activity to reduce heart rate, reduce the perception of effort and reduce the ventilation needed for the effort.


The pack contains 1 set of 3 sizes; 1 small clip, 1 medium clip, 1 large clip.

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