Cast Protector - Adult Hand

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Cast Protector - Adult Hand

This waterproof cast and bandage protector is an easy and durable way to stay dry. It is user friendly, reusable and increases the service life of casts or dressings. It can be used in a number of different settings including baths and showers, for lacerations and burns, LV / PICC lines, dermatological conditions and inclement weather.


Used to protect casts and bandages on the hand from any damage, including when the patient is in the bath or shower. It is ideal for protecting lacerations and burns.

Size: Adult Hand


  • Stretch the silicone hold to facilitate hand entry
  • Carefully thread the hand into the hole while avoiding contact with the cast or dressing
  • Carefully ensure proper seal-skin contact of your protector proximal to the cast or dressing
  • Straighten out the silicone films

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