Bioxsine Herbal Serums

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Bioxsine Herbal Serums

Bioxsine Serum is formulated specifically for individuals who experience hair loss and/or who wish to maintain and encourage the growth of stronger and more resilient hair.
Bioxsine contains BioComplex B11.

Dermatological tests showed 100% decrease in hair loss, 93% stronger hair, 83% thicker hair fibres.

• Scientifically proven to reduce hair loss
• Promotes existing hair growth
• Reinforces active hair follicles
• Suitable for all hair types (Men and women)

Directions for use:

Wash your hair with Bioxsine shampoo and dry with a towel. Apply serum to damp and clean hair, beginning at the point of hair loss and gradually cover the entire area covered with hair. Gently massage in a circular motion with your fingertips preparation for about a minute until the skin has absorbed serum. Do not rinse.

Best results are achieved when Bioxsine Shampoo is used with Bioxsine Serum daily.

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