Cast / Bandage Protector - Adult Short Leg

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Cast/Bandage Protector - Adult Short Leg

This cast and bandage protector is simple, convenient, durable and reusable. It can be used on adult legs to just above the knee.


The cast and bandage protector is used to protect casts and bandages on the leg from any damage. It is perfect for when the patient is in the bath or shower and is ideal for protecting lacerations and burns. 

Note: this product is not suitable for use when swimming 

Size: Fits Adult Short Legs


  • Remove the waterproof cast and bandage protector from the box
  • Stretch the silicone hole to facilitate leg entry
  • Carefully insert the cast or bandage part of the leg into the cast and bandage protector
  • Completely cover the cast or bandage
  • Ensure the silicone hole is properly sealed to the skin