Auto Dial Panic Alarm

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Auto Dial Panic Alarm

The Auto Dial Panic Alarm (Model HA28) offers reassurance that you can contact someone straight away in the event of an emergency or if you simply need assistance in any way.

How to use;

When the round button on the key fob, or the main unit is pressed, the main unit will automatically call three preset numbers set by you. It will call each number for 45 seconds. If the receiver does not answer the phone, it will keep dialling for 5 cycles and then turn to standby mode. If the call is answered, main unit will stop dialling for other telephones.

Like a normal telephone call, you can alert your friend or family member to your situation. They can take immediate action whether it be to call the emergency services or a neighbour or to arrange help with daily chores.

When the receiver answers the call from HA28 they will hear the pre-recorded message, left by the user. After that, the receiver of the call can then open up a two-way communication and listen into the callers property by pressing any figure button on their telephone key-pad.


  • Auto dialer, up to 3 programmable telephone numbers with max 16 digits
  • Record your own message for 6 seconds
  • Playback message
  • Main unit - using an AC adaptor (included), Input 110-240VAC, Output regulated 6V DC
  • Battery back up
  • Battery low indicator
  • Detection area: max 50 meter long, open area
  • Easy to program, remote keyfob
  • Two-way voice communication, hands free
  • Use radio 433.92MHz AM 

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