Argicalm Reusable Hot or Cold Pack

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Argicalm Reusable Thermal Clay Pack

The Argicalm Reusable Thermal Clay Pack can be used hot or cold to treat discomfort and pain such as back pain, toothache and swelling. The pack is reusable and comes with a soft and comfortable protective sleeve that is removable and washable. The pack is ergonomic and easily conformable with self adhesive straps keep it in place.

Indicated for:

  • Hot Pain Relief - back pain, joint & muscle stiffness, cramps, abdominal pain
  • Cold Pain Relief - sprains, swelling, tendinitis, bruises, toothache, migraine, eye pain, arthritis

How to use;


  1. Place flat in the microwave
  2. Heat 40 seconds to 700 W
  3. If necessary, heat again with 5 seconds increments
  4. Massage the clay pack to spread warmth evenly before inserting in its sleeve


  1. Place flat in the freezer compartment
  2. Let cool at least 2 hours before use
  3. Massage the clay pack to make it more flexible before inserting it in its sleeve


Size 1:   Wrist – Elbow – Face           19 x 11cm

Size 2:   Ankle – Elbow – Knee          26 x 13cm

Size 3:   Knee – Back – Abdomen     30 x 20cm

Size 4:  Neck – Shoulder – Back       43 x 17cm

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