Anti Snoring Electronic Belt

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Anti Snoring Electronic Belt

Your coach for more peaceful and restful nights!

Most people who snore, find that they snore more when they sleep on their back. In this position, the tongue moves back and obstructs the airway.

How the anti-snoring belt works; 

The belt consists of an intelligent electronic learning device and a comfortable chest belt. The device emits a vibration that informs the user when he/she is sleeping on their back. When the user is alerted, he/she can turn on their side, stopping the vibration and the snoring. After a few nights, the side position will be adopted naturally.


The soft, anti-snoring belt is worn around the chest or waist, on the body or over underwear. The device has 2 clips that allow it to be worn without a belt, directly on an undergarment. It is easy to use and has several adjustable vibration levels. 


  • Intelligent positional treatment device
  • Adjustable waist belt, size SML (chest circumference 70-100cm)
  • Two adjustable fixing clips
  • Two AAA type batteries
  • Instructions for use

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