Eligibility Criteria for Etrack Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programme

Phelans Pharmacy Group, in partnership with Etrack Medical, offers a six-month medically supervised weight loss program designed to assist individuals struggling with weight management. Etrack Medical's medicated weight loss service utilizes prescription-based medication to reduce appetite and food intake, prescribed by an overseeing doctor.

The program includes an initial meeting to discuss goals, guidance on a balanced approach to weight loss, and recording of your Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood pressure. A blood sample is taken for laboratory analysis to determine eligibility, and if suitable, an online GP consultation is conducted for prescription preparation. Prescription collection and pharmacist support follow, with a repeat process after 12 weeks to track progress.

Eligibility criteria exclude individuals under 18 or over 75, those hypersensitive to specific medication ingredients, pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, and those with certain medical conditions such as liver or kidney impairment, heart failure, or existing eating disorders. Initial blood screening may also identify conditions preventing access to the medicated weight loss service.

The cost for the six-month program is €850, excluding the cost of medication. The price includes the initial consultation, blood testing, two consultations with program doctors, and the issuing of prescriptions for medication.

If, following initial screening and blood testing, a patient is found ineligible for the program, they will be refunded €770, the difference being the cost of blood testing and the initial doctor consultation.

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