August 31, 2021 2 min read

Post Birth Recovery

Taking time for rest and recovery after birth is so important for new mums. Let us look at some ways that you can aid your recovery after birth.

1. Good food and hydration

Lots of fiber and water will help ease any constipation and digestive discomfort. If you are breastfeeding, it is a good idea to increase your water intake to stay hydrated.

2. Ask for help

Don't be afraid to ask for help after giving birth. As well as having a new-born to look after, your body needs time to heal. Ask your partner, friends or family to help with looking after the baby, household chores or cooking meals while you rest or do something for yourself.

3. Take some time for yourself each day

Whether you can fit in ten minutes or one hour, it is important to take some time to yourself. Use this time to help your body heal and allow your mind to rest by having a warm bath, going for a short walk or taking a nap. Each day can be different depending on what your body needs. My Expert Midwife have some fantastic products to help you introduce some self care into your day aswell as help your body heal.

My Expert Midwife

My Expert Midwife Range Phelans Pharmacy

My Expert Midwife was developed by midwives who understand what a new mum experiences during and after birth. From this knowledge, they created products to soothe and calm soreness using premium ingredients and natural botanicals. Gain your strength back, ease any discomfort and relax with the help of My Expert Midwife products.

Spritz for bitz

Spritz for bits delivers instant post-birth relief for your sore vulva and perineum, whilst helping to aid recovery. Stretching, bruising and swelling after childbirth can cause pain for new mums. A unique combination of natural essential oils in this product can help ease perineal discomfort. These oils include lavender for soothing pain, tea tree for antibacterial properties and witch hazel to promote healing.

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Soak for bits

This soak will provide relief for perineal soreness, bruising and swelling after childbirth. It can also be used to help relieve soreness after a caesarean section (after the dressing is removed and the wound is undergoing the normal healing process). It is ideal to use for the first few weeks after childbirth to help aid recovery. It contains premium Epsom salts to relax tired muscles, tea tree and calendula for their anti-inflammatory properties, bergamot to soothe and relax and arnica to help reduce bruising.

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No harm nipple balm

After birth, it is common for new mums to suffer with sore or cracked nipples when breastfeeding or expressing. The no harm nipple balm is a 100% naturally derived moisturising nipple cream that provides effective relief and protection for breastfeeding mums. It contains only three ingredients; medical grade lanolin for a protective barrier, and essential oils - coconut oil to moisturise and sweet almond oil for nourishment. It is also tasteless and odourless so there is no need to wipe this nipple cream off before feeding.

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My Expert Midwife No Harm Nipple Balm