Ultrapure Epsom Salts with Eucalyptus Essential Oil 1kg

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Ultrapure Epsom Salts with Eucalyptus Essential Oil 1kg

Ultrapure Epsom Salts with Eucalyptus Essential Oils are a great way to aid the body in a natural process of soothing and relaxing after sports, athletics or simply a busy day. Soaking in Ultrapure Epsom Salts, or magnesium sulphate, has many health benefits. It restores vital magnesium levels in the body, reduces stress and leaves skin radiant and glowing. Eucalyptus Essential Oil has a distinctive scent and is used in aromatherapy. It also acts as an effective decongestant. 

For best results, fill your bath with hot water. Sprinkle 1-2 handfuls of Epsom Salts into the water and gently mix. Soak time 15 -20 minutes. 


    • 1kg
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs rinse / flush well with clean water
    • For external use only

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