Thealoz Duo Gel

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Thealoz Duo Gel

Thealoz Duo Gel Eye drops are suitable for more severe dry eye or for night time use as it combines both long-lasting relief and protection for the surface of the eye, with a carbomer gel which gives added staying power.

  • Preservative-free
  • Clin­i­cal­ly proven to increase the thick­ness of the tear film which relieves symp­toms of Dry Eye
  • 0.15% Hyaluron­ic acid – this acts as a tear lubri­cant, pro­vides long-last­ing relief and soothes your symptoms
  • 3% Tre­halose is added to pro­vide pro­tec­tion for the sur­face of the eye
  • Thealoz Duo Gel is ide­al for mod­er­ate to severe signs and symp­toms of dry eye such as dis­com­fort, sting­ing or irri­ta­tion of the eye.
  • Con­tact lens wear­ers –please remove them before apply­ing and after using, wait for at least 30 min­utes before putting your lens­es back in.
  • 30 unit dose (each con­tain­er has 0.4ml)

Ide­al for:

  • All mod­er­ate to severe dry eye sufferers
  • Peo­ple who have tried oth­er eye drops, but not found sat­is­fac­tion or comfort
  • Suit­able for mod­er­ate to severe dry eye and for night time use


Trehalose (3%), hyaluronic acid* (as sodium hyaluonate salt 0.15%), carbomer (0.25%), sorbitol, sodium hydroxide and water for injections. 

Always read the label and instructions for use.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.