Swedsafe Flight Ear Plugs M/L

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Swedsafe Flight Ear Plugs M/L

These Swedsafe Flight Ear Plugs are pressure equalizing ear plugs that prevent “blocked ears” and ear pain when flying, as well as subduing speaking and other noises when you want some peace and quiet. They are easy to insert and remove, and they come with a practical storage case.

The Flight Ear plugs are transparent green in colour and have a recommended life span of 150 hours of usage if hygiene is taken care of properly. They are also made from latex-free and non-allergenic material.

Size: Medium / Large


When the Swedsafe Flight Ear Plugs are inserted, it slows down rapid air pressure changes in the space next to the eardrum to avoid “blocked ears” or ear pain. The pressure changes normally occur when an aeroplane starts and lands. The slower air pressure changes help the ear to pressure equalize naturally without pain.


  • To ensure a correct and comfortable fit, pull the outer ear upwards and backwards with your free hand while inserting the plug with a slight rocking and twisting motion. Continue to gently rock and twist the plug until it is well fitted, and a good seal is achieved. (Background noise will be experienced as considerably reduced once a good seal is achieved).
  • A good fit and seal should normally leave no flanges of the earplug outside the entrance of the ear canal. If a good fit and seal is not achieved; repeat the procedures above.
  • Note: To avoid pain and/or damage to the ear canal/eardrum, remove the earplug from the ear canal with a slow and gentle twist.

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