Epitact Carp'Immo Rigid Night Wrist Brace

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The Epitact Carp'Immo Rigid Night Wrist Brace supports the wrist while you sleep for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendinitis. By using this you can support your wrist firmly at night, and relieves the pain caused by muscular problems giving you relief during the day. This rigid brace has been designed to provide a firm support to assist your wrist, while also providing a comfortable fit while you sleep. It maintain the wrist in a neutral position and limits excessive movements during the night.

  • Available in small, medium & large (measure the widest part of your hand all the way around for correct sizing)
    • Small: 17-19cm
    • Medium 19-21.5cm
    • Large: 21.5-24cm
  • Support and comfort for your wrist

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