October 04, 2021 2 min read

A Guide To Breastfeeding

If you are new to breastfeeding, it may be a daunting experience that can take a little time to get used to. If you find it difficult to begin with, don't worry. With some practice and adjustments, you will get the hang of it in no time. We have gathered some simple tips below to try and make this new experience a little easier.

Breastfeeding Guide

Breastfeeding Positions

When trying to find the best breastfeeding position, all you can really do is try them out and pick which suits you best. Changing your position from time to time can also help with any discomfort in your breasts or nipples. Some helpful positions may include:

  • Cradle position - the most popular position that is generally easy and comfortable
  • Football position - hold your baby under your arm like you would hold a football, supporting their head and resting your arm on a cushion. This is also a useful position after a caesarean if your tummy is sore
  • Lying down position - convenient for night feeds and after a c-section. You lay down with your baby laying beside you and roll your baby towards your breast

The Lansinoh's Disposable Nursing Pads with Blue Lock™ core are comfortable, ultra-absorbent, and designed to fit all breast sizes. They ensure that breastfeeding mums stay dry, night or day, and with their new ultra absorbency they can hold up to 20x their own weight.

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Comfort For You

To stay comfortable, follow these simple steps;

  • Sit in a comfortable seat
  • Have cushions nearby for your back and to support your arm
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • If possible, wear a nursing bra or top with buttons for easy access

A support cushion will also help to keep you comfortable and reduce discomfort in your back and arms while breastfeeding. The Harley Batwing Pillow is specially shaped into three sections to hold you snugly. The lumbar section gently supports your back and the side sections give fantastic lateral support.

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Signs that your baby has latched on correctly;

  • their nose and chin are touching your breast
  • your areola is visible
  • their bottom lip is turned down
  • their tongue is under your nipple

The length of a feed can differ each time. If they are still hungry after a full feed from one breast, offer them the other breast. Fore milk comes at the beginning of the feed and quenches your baby's thirst with its watery consistency. Hind milk comes next and this is high in calories and fat. Breastmilk contains many nutrients including water, protein, carbohydrates, hormones, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

The most important thing is to take your time and remember that practice makes perfect.