Pharmacare Travel Compression Socks

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Pharmacare Travel Compression Socks

Pharmacare Flight Socks are manufactured using a proven graduated compression principle used in prescribed hosiery by which the compression exerted reduces progressively towards the upper leg. This assists in the venous return of blood through the limb and can help or prevent heavy aching legs. The Flight Socks are suitable for both flights and long journeys, and reduces the risk of flight and travel related DVT. They are are made to 12-18mmHg nominal value 15mmHg.

Directions For Use: 

  • Ensure no wrinkles are present when worn and do not roll down. 
  • Pharmacare Flight Socks are to be worn on both legs in place of other socks, not as well as.
  • Please seek medical advice if you suffer from any of the following: Poor Circulation, Veinous Problems, Diabetes, Arterial Disease or Phlebitis.
  • Pharmacare Flight Socks should be hand washed at 40⁰C with a mild detergent and dried flat.

Pharmacare Flight Socks are available in two colourways, Beige & Black and are available in 3 size options, Small, Medium and Large.

 Size Options: 

  • The small size fits ankle 19cm to 24cm, and foot size 3 to 6.
  • The medium size fits ankle 21cm to 26cm, and foot size 6 to 9.
  • The large size fits ankle 24cm to 30cm, and foot size 9 to 12.


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