Pharmacare Fabric Stretch Tape

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Often used in sporting as well as medical settings, the Pharmacare Fabric Stretch Tape is a flesh coloured high quality zinc oxide tape that has strong adhesion and is comfortable to use. The fabric provides good conformability, reduces maceration and allows the skin to breathe. The zinc-oxide adhesive has soft non-fraying edges and a rounded edged core, making it user friendly while conforming around a variety of body contours.

  • 1.25cm x 3m
  • 2.5cm x 3m


The Pharmacare Fabric Stretch Tape is a strong adhesive tape that is ideal for strapping and taping in the sporting environment. It provides accurate application to maintain stability of an injured joint or ligament and is also used in to secure dressings in place in those hard to reach areas.


• Remove the Pharmacare Fabric Stretch Tape from the packaging
• Find the start of the tape, and peel back until you have the required length needed to cover the desired area or dressing
• Cut the tape with a scissors when the desired strength of application has been achieved

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